Are you and your tie-club, society or sports club looking for a tie to stand out from the rest? We can help you design the ties from scratch. Crests, text, colours, stripes. Anything you want can be made. Without any cost, can provide a unique and fitting design or advice. Minimum order quantity of 10 pieces.



Both pre-tied or traditional bow ties are a possibility. Both can be designed for colour, pattern and even woven logo into the fabric. Minimum order quantity is 10 pieces



Just like or bowties and neckties, our braces are fully customizable; from pattern to colour and the even the type of leather clips. Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces.


Requesting a quote



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What prices can I expect?

The prices of the products depend on the quantity order. A requested quote will offer exact prices.

Indicated prices (including VAT)

Neckties 10-100 pieces: £16,95 – £7,25 per piece

Bow ties 10-100 pieces: £13,95 – £6,30 per piece

Braces 20-100 pieces: £18,95 – £9,95 per piece

No other prices will be charged except the ones stated above and delivery cost. Which are approximately  £10

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery time?

The products will be delivered approximately 6 weeks after ordering.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Neckties: 10 pcs – Bowties: 10 pcs – Suspenders: 20 pcs

How can I communicate my desired design?

Throught eh contact form on the left, or through sending an email to Any visual designs can be send with .jpeg. png or any other commonly used extension.

We don't have a design yet. What do we do?

Our designers are here to help and come up with several designs based on your wishes. All for free!