How it started

JasjeDasje – or ‘SuitTie’ – was founded in 2014 by three students looking for a solution to a frequent and frustrating problem. After a couple of big nights, their blazer would turn into a dreadful rag after being soaked by beer and subject to brawls and rough behaviour. Paying £60 for a blazer and having to throw it away after a month is an absolute waste. On the other hand, looking like a homeless with your vile, 2nd hand blazer is not an option. Now there is JasjeDasje.


Mission and Vission

JasjeDasje is run by students, for students. That’s why JasjeDasje strives to offer the highest quality of products and service, whilst maintaining a decently low price. We are here for the students that stand on the rugby sideline on a rainy Wednesday, for the guys that are dragged from the pub at 4 am and also for the student who wants to look smart for a uni presentation. If you have any suggestion, for making JasjeDasje be a better fit to you, please let us know.

Bruis van Vlijmen

Mechanical Engineering student

Hidde van Kleij

Mechanical Engineering student

Koen van Vlijmen

Aerospace Engineering student

Our production line

The weaving factory that makes our products is located in China, in the Hebei province to be precise. The factory was founded by boss and owner Frank (English name). Frank grew up in this very province and has worked in the fabric industry since graduating high school. His family business grew into a multi-location company, one of which is located in Shenzhen. This is where we visited him and his co-workers to check up on the production process, our cooperation and the working conditions.